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First try of stop motion with new camera….

french delight

My friend Lowri is one of the best bakers I know.. so I knew filming her was going to be a treat. She allowed me exclusive access into her kitchen to shoot her making her mum a birthday croquembouche.
Trying to squeeze six hours of footage into three minutes was tough… but worth it. Was amazing to edit… but even better than that - I got to eat the left-over cream filling for the choux buns! In your face Gwern! (Lowri’s other half)
No croquembouche comes without sacrifice though.. or rather.. third degree burns. Lowri got a burnt lip (which turned into a fat lip) trying to taste scorching caramel). A week later when I also made a croquembouche (after taking inspiration from Miss Lowri Jones!), I also burnt myself four times on my arm and fingers.. 

WARNING: hot caramel may look tasty - but it burns and rips your skin off a treat.

Choux pastry and caramel:
The crème patissière:

Music: ‘La vie en rose’ by Edith Piaf
my attempt (ok but burnt the caramel slightly):

Dear Chocolate, I properly love you.

Recipe for chocolate truffles


240g chocolate
280g double cream
handful of hazelnuts
handful of pistachio
crushed boiled sweets
shot of rose syrup
white chocolate buttons
cocoa powder to dust
hazelnut syrup (if you have it.. I didn’t)

Here’s how you do it..

1. Melt chocolate over a bowl over boiling water and mix with cream.
2. Split the mixture in two and add crushed hazelnuts to one, and the buttons and rose syrup to the other
3. Put both mixtures into the fridge to set for two or three hours
4. Once out scoop out spoonfuls and shape into balls.
5. Rolls balls in your toppings and that’s it!!


Put a few in a pretty box with some ribbon and you’ve got a damn cheap and easy wedding favour.
(they taste tummy too! yay!)

Music: ‘dearest’ by Buddly Holly

my first time

at this video recipe and blogging lark.

This is a lime meringue pie. And although it looks reasonably pleasant, it tasted vile.

So please don’t make it. Terrible start to the blog I know, as this is definitely NOT my cup of tea, and I had momentarily thought I wouldn’t post it… but now think this will be a place for mistakes and hoorays! Hopefully less of the mistakes.. so here it is… 

Hope you enjoy watching it, even if it did make me be sick in my mouth x

Demonstrating: the hands that made the pie, my sister, Smitha (her fault).
Music: “San Blas” by Holy Coast (
recipe: full recipe will not included for your own good